Donald C. Murray, K. C.


Support Services

One of the benefits that Mr Murray brings to the table for all of his clients is his 35 years of trial and appeal litigation experience in the Nova Scotia Provincial Court, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, and the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal. Mr Murray has also appeared on behalf of clients in the provincial courts of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. He has acted as counsel for matters in the Federal Court, Trial Division, and Federal Court of Appeal. Mr Murray has been honoured to appear in the Supreme Court of Canada on several occasions where that Court’s permission is required for a case to be heard.

In addition to his own appearances before these Courts, Mr Murray has appeared before a number of regulatory bodies, agencies, and tribunals as part of his practice. Mr Murray has also functioned as a decision maker himself.

Mr Murray’s experience with courts and other tribunals as an advocate, as well as an adjudicator, qualifies him to provide useful services as “second chair” in support of lead counsel in both criminal and civil matters. Mr Murray’s assistance as associate counsel should be retained through a request by lead counsel who will remain the primary manager and supervisor of the litigation. Mr Murray’s retainer in those circumstances will be defined by the parameters set by the client in consultation with lead counsel and Mr Murray.