Donald C. Murray, K. C.


Representation Services

Don Murray undertakes the representation of individuals and corporations who are under investigation or charged with offences under various federal and provincial statutes. Most charges laid by investigation authorities relate to the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Dealing with offences under these two federal laws constitutes the bulk of Mr Murray’s practice, which comprehends the offence spectrum from impaired driving, domestic conflict, and sexual offences, to commercial fraud and homicide allegations.

Mr Murray has had a special opportunity over his 30 years of practice to become particularly familiar with cases of sexual assault and homicide. These kinds of cases are often best managed through a jury trial in the Supreme Court. Jury trials make unique demands in terms of advocacy skills compared with matters managed at the level of the Provincial Courts.

Mr Murray has also had extensive experience defending charges filed under other federal statutes, including the Income Tax Act, the Fisheries Act, and the federal family of other environmental legislation, including the Migratory Birds Act.

Mr Murray also provides representation in relation to issues that arise under the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act. While this work sometimes involves charges and court representation, it is not unusual for Mr Murray to be involved in anticipatory work before prosecutions are even contemplated – dealing with the myriad of licensing and compliance issues that can arise under these pieces of legislation.