Donald C. Murray, K. C.


Criminal Defence

Every criminal or regulatory investigation or prosecution is unique, as is every client’s choice of how to respond to public authorities. The dominant philosophy of Mr Murray’s approach to criminal matters is to assist his clients move through the investigation or prosecution process with the minimum amount of pain possible – given the client’s choice as to objectives.

In some cases this means that the optimal and desired result may be a negotiated resolution without a court disposition. In other cases a client’s instructions may mandate an acceptance of responsibility, and pursuit of the least punitive consequence that is appropriate in the provable circumstances. There are always going to be some cases where there must be a vigorous denial of the prosecution’s allegations, and a forceful defence that pursues a favourable judicial disposition. The choice of which road to take always belong to the client, equipped by Mr Murray with the best possible factual, legal, and practical information for you to make a rational, qualified, and economically sensible decision.