Donald C. Murray, K. C.


Adjudication Services

For nearly 20 years, Don Murray has acted as a neutral decision-maker for the conduct of human rights inquiries and labour arbitrations. For several years he has also been asked to conduct professional discipline hearings for his peers in the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. Between 2011 and 2019, he has also provided similar decision-making services as an adjudicator under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.

As a human rights adjudicator particularly, Mr Murray has written decisions that have contributed significantly to the human rights conversation in Canada. His work has created a national impact on issues such as mandatory retirement, and discrimination on the basis of colour.

Some of his available decisions are here.

Mr Murray’s experience as an advocate in the criminal justice system has of course given him a facility to manage antagonistic, highly adversarial proceedings with fairness and courtesy as a neutral decision-maker. He also has the capacity to supervise alternative dispute resolution processes where relationships would benefit, or where adversarial proceedings would be too costly or damaging to the parties. Mr Murray’s residential school work has allowed Mr Murray to augment his understanding and facility with both inquisitorial-style proceedings, and civil damage assessment.

Mr Murray is available as a neutral for appointment by agreement of parties with a business to business, human rights, or personal injury dispute. The terms of reference for his appointment may be negotiated without charge.