Donald C. Murray, K. C.


Continuing Legal Education

Practical Pain Management for Lawyers Exposed to Vicarious Trauma
paper prepared for and presented at the American Bar Association Conference of Lawyer Assistance Programs,  Halifax, October 2007

s.522 Criminal Code Releases: Procedures and Some Implications of Applications for Judicial Interim Release in the Supreme Court
paper prepared for and presented at the Canadian Bar Association Bail Conference, Halifax, April 21, 2006

Third Party Records Disclosure Applications s.278 Criminal Code: Essential Assertions, Current Practises – 2004
Web published on Quicklaw and presented at the Nova Scotia Criminal Conference at Halifax, December 10, 2004

Vicarious Traumatization: The Corrosive Consequences of Law Practise for Criminal Justice and Family Law Practitioners
Web published and presented at the Lawyers’ Professional Assistance Conference Meeting in Toronto, November 18, 2004, with Johnette M. Royer

Vicarious Traumatization: Toxic Practise Hazards for Criminal and Family Lawyers
Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society Record (Fall, 2003), with Johnette M. Royer

A Conflict of Interests Refresher
Nova Scotia Law News, vol.25, no.2

Parricide in Canada
Criminal Law Quarterly, Vol.43, p.110

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Lawyers
Paper prepared for and presented at the Annual Meeting of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (November, 1999)

Blood Stain Analysis and Lawyers
Paper prepared for and presented at the International Joint Meeting of The Canadian Society of Forensic Science and the Forensic Science Society (August, 1998)

Third Party Records Access: A Tug of War between Legislative and Judicial Control
Paper prepared for the November 1997 Joint program of the Nova Scotia Continuing Legal Education Society and the Criminal Lawyers Association (November, 1997)